Hi everyone,

Due to popular demand I decided to write a travel blog based on my recent holiday exploits in Spain. I have never written a travel blog before and may or may not struggles in place in terms of entertainment factor, so please bear with me. I will discuss things that I would think you as a reader would find interesting and/or informative. I will as always welcome any feedback regarding this blog and tips on perhaps improving these blogs in the future. Today I will talk about the location and accessibility. Next week I will discuss the activities that we part took in. This blog will give you the reader a chance to ask questions and perhaps give some feedback regarding the blog so some improvement can be made for the part 2 of the blog.

 So let’s jump in.

Where: Fuengirola, Spain

When: June 13th – 20th

We decided to fly with Aer Lingus (€143 return flight). We got a cheap deal to go to Spain at that particular time of the year. It seems like the deeper you get into the summer months the more expensive the flights are, almost double as what we paid on certain dates. As the old saying goes “Timing is EVERYTHING”. When going away on holidays it’s very important what time of the year you go. Going earlier in the summer means cheaper prices and smaller crowds as the peak holiday season is not yet in full swing. Win-Win.

We stayed in an absolutely gorgeous hotel – Hotel Myramar. (€150 each for the 6 of us to stay there for a week, reasonable). Very spacious and comfortable room. (well it was more of an apartment, but since it was a hotel, let’s call it a room for argument sake J ) plenty of sun lounges to relax by a big outdoor swimming pool. A shaded bar is to the left of the pool that serves alcohol of all kinds as well as 2-for-1 price for most drinks during happy hour. Brilliant! The room gets cleaned every day with fresh towels supplied on demand. Plenty of facilities such as pool tables, Tennis courts, Crazy Golf, Indoor pool & Gym are also available at the hotel. The options are endless. The complex is kept ruthlessly clean, there is not even a spec in sight anywhere in the complex. An army of cleaners do thorough clean up and up keep of the pool and pool area every morning. I was impressed. It really adds to your holiday experience when you relax and unwind in a clean environment.


Hotel itself is located only couple of miles from the town center. Very accessible. If you are feeling up for it, you can walk to town center in 15-20min. However, since you are on holidays, walking is out of the question, right? Have no fear. You can hop on the bus for as little as €1.15 (one way), with two bus stops located at either side of the hotel. The bus brings you straight into town. If public transport is not your thing, you can book a taxi that would bring you to the city center for €5-€6. Easy. You can also book a 6-seater taxi if you are travelling with a group.

There is plenty of food options in town. Restaurants of all sizes and cuisines. There is a very nice strip of restaurants called “Fishing Lane”. It is a very narrow street with restaurants at either side. There you will find Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Irish, Turkish, Brazilian etc. cuisines. Outside of each restaurant there are people with big personalities who try and usher you inside the restaurant by offering you all kinds of deals and pretend you are their best friend. This was my first experience of such environment. It was a bit mad and sometimes these people were too much in my face. I appreciate their work and I understand what they are doing, but they should also respect my personal space also. All and all, it was a good experience. We got couple of good deals by stopping and chatting to them and pushing them to the limit in terms of the quality of their “deals”, without being over the top. We went to Italian restaurant the first night, Chinese the second night, Spanish for couple of nights, Brazilian one night and some fancy restaurant another night. You would be spoiled for choice. The prices are very reasonable. On average we spent about €10-€15 per meal with a drink thrown in there. Not bad. After your meal you can have a drink in hundreds of bars which are scattered across town. You will find a bar that suits your mood/personality without a doubt. Drinks are very cheap too, average of €3.50 per pint of beer. They seem to serve a lot of “St. Miguel” which to me is an average beer at best. However, they have plenty of other options but you may have to pay a little bit extra for those one. (For what it is worth I highly recommend “Victoria” Beer – Mucho Bueno!)

If you don’t feel like going into town and would much rather laze around the hotel complex, there are still some options for you, food wise. There is a restaurant at the hotel that has good food options. (We never ate there but we heard good things). In addition, there are some great food options for Breakfast and Lunch also at the hotel. The prices were very reasonable. €8 for all you can eat breakfast every morning and €8-€12 for lunch that could get you all kind of foods, from burgers to sandwiches, from soups to chicken goujons. You be well looked after even if you decided not to leave the poolside. If you want to be in full control of the food you eat at the hotel, there is a very big shopping center (shown below), fully equipped with food supermarket & fast food restaurants, (as well as plenty of clothes shops too), right across the road from the hotel. The supermarket is just as any other groceries shop you find in Ireland. It is about the size of Dunes Stores or Tesco. Quite big. You can shop to your hearts content and then cook up a storm in your hotel room. So as you see there is plenty of choice around the hotel and in town. You won’t have to look far to get fed in Fuengirola. In addition, to quality food as mentioned above, there is plenty of alcohol options at the hotel bar that stays open until 12:30am. Reasonable.


That’s it for part 1. I hope this blog was somewhat entertaining and/or informative. This is my first travel blog so please go easy on me. I welcome any feedback (good or bad) and hopefully you come back for part 2. Please also feel free to ask any questions in relation to the above. I will include more photos of the holiday in the next blog. Thanks again for reading and talk to you on the next one.


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