Hi everyone,

Starting off, I do apologise for not been as active as I would have liked on this blog in the past couple of weeks. I have been very busy with work and also I have just recently came back from a holiday in Spain. I plan to be a lot more active (2-3 blogs a week going forward) and if you wish for me to talk about any topic in particular in any of my blog sections (Money Management, Gambling Addiction or vadThought), please feel free to let me know in the comments below. Today however, I would like to talk to you how to have a holiday on a budget. Don’t worry, its not as bad as it sounds. I am not going to suggest that you should not go out and have fun on your holiday, however, there is a way of having fun on holidays and still come back with a healthy wallet. It will all make sense below. Let’s dive in.

This holiday has been my very first holiday since I had the total mind shift in my money management techniques and thoughts. All my previous holidays I splashed the cash as if it was my last. However, this time it was different. As always I kept track of all my expenses and kept a close eye on my spending. I wasn’t being too tight. That’s not a fun holiday. I spent money freely where appropriate, but I was always looking out for where and how I can save few euro here and there to ensure I wasn’t being reckless with my hard earned cash. Few days ago I entered all my expenses into my Excel sheet and studied carefully the areas where majority of my money went during my stay in Spain. I didn’t include the flight or accommodation, we all know that these two are the major expenses that come with most holidays and there is very little that can be done regarding saving money on these two. Instead I want to focus on top three expenses that most people have on daily basis during their holidays. I will base this on my own experience with some advice mixed in to ensure YOU have a great holiday and a great bank account upon your return.

The top three (daily) expenses I had on my holiday were:

  1. Food
  2. Alcohol
  3. Transport


This was always going to be one of the main expense. Holidays are all about sampling the local food, dining out every day and eat to your hearts content. True. However, there is a lot that can be done to save money in this area also and still have your tummy satisfied. It is no surprise that food can be very expensive in tourist areas no matter where you go. You don’t want to spend most of your money on food when you are on holidays and have very little money on other activities. So what I did on some days (not all) was I went to the local supermarket and bought myself some food such as cereal, fruit, bread, ham, drinks (Ice Tea) etc. and that satisfied me for my breakfast and lunch as well as some refreshment during the day. I spent less than €5 on all the food and was happy all day long until it was dinner time. In contrast if I was to buy breakfast and lunch at the hotel I would have paid around €17. I mean that is just no brainer. I am not fussy when it comes to food so I can eat just about anything, this helps I guess. However, I didn’t spend my holiday eating rolls are drinking ice tea, I did spent money on Italian, Chinese, Spanish cuisines in the evening time and plenty of beer with that (more on this later). I just felt that where I could easily safe some money then why not spend less. Yes, I was on holidays, but why do I need to be reckless with my money just because I am on “holidays”. I was just as happy with my supermarket food as I was with expensive stuff at the hotel. Then when I went out on the town with Leanne in the evening time I was able to treat myself.

There is such huge range in price regarding food between supermarket, take-away, restaurant etc. no matter where you go and holidays are no different. It would be foolish not to avail of any deals where possible. It will be foolish not to. Yes, you are there to have fun, but let’s not be foolish with money and splash on food that you don’t need. Just a thought.



This only applies to those who are drinkers among the readers. It is no secret that there is a great deal of alcohol that’s is consumed on holidays. There is nothing wrong with that. Having few cold drinks by the beach or while you soak up local culture among the busy streets of your destination. Bliss. However, there are couple of things you can do to limit your alcohol budget.

  1. Look out for happy hour deals – most bars and restaurants have them
  2. Try some quality local beers or wines of your destination (they are usually much cheaper than the bigger brands and much more tastier)
  3. If you want to have a quite night in, get some drinks at the local supermarket for very cheap and enjoy some cold beers during your quite night.

As with food budget, there is no point spending money on alcohol just for the sake of it. Not buying a drink here, getting a happy our deal there and having a quite night at some stage during your holiday all could amount in €10-€20 or even €30 in savings or more. That’s a lot of money to be saving on something that is a pure luxury and what many people often go over the top with. Just have a think about it. If you don’t feel like having a drink and all your buddies are buying drinks like no tomorrow, then don’t buy any. If it’s not worth the sore head in the morning or an empty wallet the next day then don’t fall for the trap. Yes enjoy your night, but we all can enjoy our night within reason.


Not surprisingly being in a foreign country it is hard to get your bearings and know where everything is or how to get around. Everyone tends to hop into a taxi and get Easy right? True. However, you can quickly accumulate a lot of money in the space of few days being driven everywhere. Not ideal. Here what I suggest:

Get off your butt and go for a walk and explore your surroundings

Don’t like walking, no problem, look for a bike to rent (many hotels offer this) or look for public transport. Quick google search would offer you many cheaper and probably more convenient options via public transport in your area. You still get to where you want to go, just as fast but for a lot cheaper. However, my first option is for you to walk as much as you can, this will allow you to explore the city, town, area etc. where you are staying which is a lot better than seeing it briefly from a taxi window. A lot fo hotels are situated very near the city or town so there is no excuse to hop into a taxi. Don’t be lazy and walk. However, that’s just my opinion.

Thank you very much for reading this blog and I hope you don’t think I am too crazy. Yes, I can be a bit nagging with save, save, save! However, I have a simply motto:

Don’t spend money on things you don’t have to.

Holidays is a prime example of impulse & careless expenditure that gets out of control a lot of the times. However, it doesn’t have to be like this and you can still enjoy your holiday on a budget but just considering the top three expenses described above. This will leave you with extra money on tickets to Water parks, Theme park, Tourist Attractions etc. Spend money on things you enjoy and not blow your money carelessly on pricey food, excessive alcohol and unnecessary transport. As always I welcome any suggestions, ideas or feedback on this topic or anything else to do with money.

I haven’t been blogging for awhile. However, I want the comments to be a place of discussion, sharing of ideas, helping each other financially and a feel good factor section for those of us who are just starting off on our financial journey and may find it a bit tough. I thank you all for sticking with me during this blogging drought and there is plenty of blogs to come in the coming weeks and months. Promise.

Thanks again and talk to you all on the next one.


    1. Hi Brona,
      Hope the tips will help you out. Make sure to enjoy your holiday too. Its nice to cut money where you can but its also nice to enjoy your hard earned cash. I did a bit of both. Hope you are going somewhere nice for your holidays. Feel free to share your experience here after you come back. I am sure we will all love to hear how you got on. Thank you for your comment.


    1. Hi Cheryl,
      Thanks for the question. I spent in the region of 700 euro on the holiday overall. Besides flights and accommodation my biggest expense was Food, for sure. Tourist places are very expensive. I did treat myself to a Rabbit one of the nights so that was sweet (expensive, but nice). Hope that answers your question.


    1. Hi Gerry,

      Yes. Brilliant point. You can always get a better deal online with a bit of research. Thank you for your comment Gerry. Hope you are enjoying the blogs.


    1. Hi Zoe,

      Glad we are on the same page. Sometimes some rolls with a bit of ham taste a lot nicer than expensive greasy lunches some places offer. Sometimes saving money and going for the cheap option is actually better. Not everything expensive is better. Thank you for your comment.


    1. Hi Grainne,
      Brilliant point. There are too many of those shops on tourist destinations. They are the worse for impulse buying. You always come out of the shop having bought some things you never wanted but you found a decent deal. They will burn your cash for sure. Thank you very much for your comment. Please feel free to share any more ideas/advice you may have.


    1. Nicole,
      Very true. All of us tend to go mad buying 10 different outfits prior to going on holidays when we know we just going to wear just a handful of them if even. That money could be spent elsewhere for sure. Thank you for your comment.


    1. Collette,
      You can dare to say whatever you wish in this comment section and you are 100% right. Maybe there is no need for a tight budget but having a loose budget is always beneficial. You will feel in control during your holiday and wont feel guilty checking your bank account upon your return. Thank you very much for your comment. Brilliant advice.


  1. Just seen such an ignorant comment made above… nothing in the blog above mentioned anything about not treating your girlfriend … and by the sounds of your other blogs Leanne does not seem like a high maintenance bitch and does not find comfort or love in money and materialistic things.. found that comment so close minded because I myself have a girlfriend and sometimes I do slip up in not treating her enough but does not mean I do not love her or cherish her any less… Besides relationships built on equality and not materialistic things and money last a lifetime ,,, once you find someone like that you have found the one

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi John,
      I appreciate your comment. It means a lot. This blog was not about my boyfriend characteristics or my boyfriend shortcomings. I appreciate you and some others that have commented below are on the same wave length as me. We all like to be treated all day everyday but sometimes it is unrealistic. Leanne never feels she is under treated. I will be treating her plenty when we be financially secure in years to come.
      People will always have negative things to say and that’s fine. I know and we all (who are serious about getting financially secure) know our goals and ambitions and lets not let negative/ignorant people spoil our goals. This comment section is about supporting each other. Negativity can go somewhere else. Everyone has their opinion I guess. I never claim to know all the answers and I have a lot more to learn. What I have learned I try to share with you the readers of this blog so we all become financially secure. I appreciate your comment and your support and I hope you and many others are enjoying this blog.


  2. I am going on a holiday soon and would love to read a blog on how to save for a holiday up to the coming weeks… knowing how much to bring with you.. what to budget a week and also would love to read and hear about the restaurants you went to, activates ye did, review on where you stayed, how you booked etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Would love a travel blog on this holiday and also maybe on other countries you have visited in the past… like the top three places best reasons and the worst three places to visit

      Liked by 1 person

    2. also maybe how to book activities you did over there… are you better to plan them online and book them before the holiday or wait til you get there to see what offers there are

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Wow seems like a lot of people wanting the travel blog and info on the holiday. I will happily write a blog (maybe split them into 2-3 blogs in order to capture all the info) and post it in the coming days. Be sure to have your notification turned on. I will post the first blog at the end of the week, it will be in the vadThought section of this blog. I am glad a lot of you are enjoying these blogs and I will happily supply the demand and talk about all aspects of the holiday (don’t worry, I wont make it boring). First blog regarding the holiday will be posted on Sunday 01/07/2018. If you want additional update follow me on Twitter @vadim_mcevoy. I will try to cover everything that was mentions above. Thank you all for your support for this blog. I appreciate every comment, like, feedback etc.


  3. This blog just reminds me of my ex… he used to be so tight and even on holidays would drive me nuts … word of advise … do it for your daily life but hold off on it for holidays with your partner or take it from me you will push her away… cause nothing worse then constantly taking and barely giving any back … so unattractive in a relationship.. not trying to be mean just constructive criticism

    Liked by 1 person

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