Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new section of the blog – vadThought. Every week on this section of the blog I will be posting my opinion and views on a variety of topics from current events, sport, art, life in general, any random thought bouncing around in my head and more. I plan to keep the blog short and sweet, fun and/or informative. I am naturally very opinionated person and have a lot of views on different aspects of life that I wish to share with the world. It will be totally random, and I hope the content will suit variety of people.

I would also welcome any suggestions that you would like for me to give my “thought” on. I plan to post a blog on this section once a week.

I will keep posting on my other section that are part this blog – “Money Management” and “Gambling & Me”.

3 Sections, 3 Blogs per week.

First blog will be posted 15/04/2018.

(Follow me on Twitter @McevoyVadim or by email vadim.mcevoy@gmail.com to ensure you don’t miss out on any new blog posts)


  1. Hi all,

    Thank you very much for the ideas. I will try and cover most of them if not all of them. Appreciate the support and I hope you will enjoy this section of the blog. Stay tuned – first blog to be posted 15/04/2018.


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