“Have you got any tips for today Joe”,

“Are you winning?”

“Ah god damn it, it’s a faller”

“Go on, go on, go you pr*ck”

“I have a great tip for you today as my uncle knows a guy that knows a guy”

“Anyone going to the bookies at lunch”

The above are just some noises I hear in the office during this Cheltenham week. The whole office is race horsing mad and suddenly everyone is a horse racing expert. Everyone thinks this is the week to make big money. All week long almost everyone has been on their phones clinging on a random tip they got from friends that are apparently “in the know” as they listen to radio for the result. I have heard “Ah for f*ck sake” more times this week than ever before. As a contrast I have only heard “Yessss! Get in you beauty” once and that was on Tuesday from a guy who has been in bad mood all day today (Thursday) as he is down money for the week.

As I observed this gambling craze and overheard many conversations this week there is one thought that was playing on my mind:

“Foolish thinking! None of you are special. Bookies always wins in the end”

Everybody think they are special. Everyone thinks that they know some information the guy next to them doesn’t. They think they are being smart. In reality they are only fooling themselves.

Here is a little story for you that happened yesterday during lunch. One of my work colleagues came to me during lunch with a “great tip”. According to him, one of his friends’ father has been owed a favour from a famous horse trainer and he has tipped him off on a horse that was at odds of 33/1. This means that if you put €1 on the horse to win you will get back €33 if the horse comes first. Fantastic odds right?. Not me though! No odds are “Fantastic” to me. I rather keep my money so, I just laughed to myself and replied, “No thanks, I’ll pass”. He then proceeded telling the whole office of this great tip that he got. Some like me laughed and passed on the opportunity but others put their money in their pocket and backed that horse. One guy who has never put a bet in his life went as far as putting €30 on the horse. Madness. I was just observing this in disbelief. However, I didn’t judge. I was once that guy and I was once waking around like I have it all figured out and that beating the bookies was just part of my daily routine. In any event, going back to that “great tip”, the horse came 4th. Everyone who backed it lost their money, including that guy who has never put a bet in his life. Great tip eh? That same guy who placed his first bet yesterday was walking around looking for more tips and asking for more information, so he can bet again. I am assuming he just wants to win his money back that he so foolishly lost yesterday. Bang! He is on the verge of getting hooked. It just goes to show that it can happen so fast that you wont even realise it. He is very smart guy and a great design engineer, and he is on decent money. However, he could well be in danger of getting himself hooked on gambling after deciding to back that “great tip” yesterday.

The above story is a true story that has happened in front of my eyes in the last two days. I saw the sign of a potential gambling addict a mile away. I have spoken to few people this week of my outrage towards the bookies and have talked about all the terrible things that come from gambling. However, nobody wanted to listen to me. They all thought that I didn’t know what I was talking about and they all thought they are the special ones. Everybody thinks that and EVERYBODY is beaten by the bookies at the end of the day. I haven’t met one person in my place of work this week that actually won money on horse racing this week. They won some and they lost a lot. That is always the case. When it comes to gambling, people always tell you what they won, they never tell you what they lost. For every one decent win there could be 10 bad losses. We gamblers fool ourselves. We convince ourselves that these small wins are worth it. They are worth all those big losses. Oh its not. It must definitely not.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t frown upon the gambling word as a whole. I mean there is a reason why it is so popular. Its fun and it releases a lot of stress. I am pretty sure that this week 80/100 people that have placed their first bet would just walk away once the festival is over. However, there will be those few that would get the rush and will continue betting and maybe, just maybe, get themselves in a rot. Now I may sound like a hater and don’t believe in fun, but, that’s just me being realistic. I know this is a famous gambling week and not everybody in the bookies is a gambling addict pissing away his/her money. However, that’s how it starts. I remember my first bet. I lost that bet but I wanted to do it more and more. It takes a hold of a lot of people and doesn’t let go. Some people are strong but a lot of people are weak to the addiction, like I was.

As a drove home everyday this week I drive past two or three bookies on my way and they were all full. Full of “I am Mr. Special”. Full of “I have a great tip”. Full of “Mr. Beat the bookies”. Full of fools. They bet, and they bet, the win and they bet. They lose, and they bet. Its never ending. When was the last time you heard of somebody winning few hundred euros and said to himself “Nice one. That will pay for the rent this month. I am going home”. Never. It never stops. The only thing winning money in the bookies does is prolongs your stay until you lose it all. I was like that before I went through period of times where I was on a roll. I won few hundred euros in a matter of days. I was king of the hill. Then greed kicks in. I wanted more. I loved the rush of easy money. So I bet more and I lost. I bet some more again, and I lost again. I kept doing that until I broke even. Then I get angry at myself for betting all that profit away, and I bet again. Never ending cycle.

I see this attitude of greed and vain bursting at the seems everywhere I looked this week. Most of us don’t have it in us to walk away. We are all guilty of greed and when it comes to money that greed is amplified. That is why its so hard to quit gambling. The rush, the greed, the potential, takes over your whole body and you cant walk away. A LOT of people in my work place have been gambling all week and no winners. Why don’t they stop. Why do they keep doing this to themselves? Here’s why:

“Because the next bet could be the one”

Thank you very much for reading and supporting this blog and as always you can follow me on Twitter @McevoyVadim for blog notification and more. I always welcome any feedback suggestions or ideas via the comment section. Hope ye all managed to stay away from all the “Great tips” this week and as a result of this blog I hope none of you every step a foot inside the world of gambling. I am overwhelmed with the support this blog have gotten over the past few weeks and there is plenty more to come. Thank you very much for your support and comments

Thanks again for reading and talk to you on the next one.


    1. Brenda,

      I hope your gambling part of life has not got out of control. I hope these blogs help you keep you straight and narrow and pull away from that way of life as soon as you can. It doesn’t end well.


    1. Bridget,
      Yes. As weeks go by and the more feedback I get to this blog I am beginning to think of something that I can do to help to fight this addiction. There is not much awareness in this country regarding gambling addiction and this is something that I wish to change. Have no real plans as of yet but have few ideas banging around in my head.


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